Seminars on special focus areas 

Duration: Half or 1-day sessions


In addition to regular training courses, which are weekly sessions or workshops, Blue Marble seminars offer short explorations of best practice in these areas, with practical applications to implement in your workplace.  The list includes:


  • Virtual teams: communicating, participating, leading 
  • Cross-cultural teams: managing, collaborating
  • Presenting: to cross-cultural audiences
  • Improving CMC (computer-mediated communication) 
  • Giving performance reviews: feedback, guidance 
  • Team engagement: what works, and what doesn't 
  • Working collaboratively: how to start and maintain
  • Knowing your communication style: and its impact
  • Change management: communicating, leading


The seminars can be run as a separate event, or as a guest speaker combined with a corporate event.  


Delivered in-house at your offices, or at a venue of your choice. 


For seminar outlines, contact


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