Presentation Skills

Duration: 6-hour training over 2 sessions, plus ad hoc as needed.


We look at what already works for you as a presenter and polish your natural style.  We focus on your skills as a communicator, so that you can present with clarity and confidence.  There are four courses to chose from, depending on your level of current experience:


  • Infrequent Presenter: focuses on skills and techniques to raise confidence and competence.
  • Frequent Presenter: reinforces basic principles, working through any specific areas of difficulty, and introduces more advanced skills. 
  • Specialist Presenter: develops your message for a tecnical or non-technical audience.
  • Advanced Presenter: maximises your impact, for leaders who need to engage with their audiences, develop rapport and deliver memorable messages.


All courses focus on presenting when English is your second language. They include a review of your key presentations, as well as dealing with stage fright and handling Q&A sessions with confidence.


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