7 plus 7©Communication Skills

Duration: 7x2hrs individual, 7x3hrs group training for each stage


The 7 plus 7 approach divides communication skills into your personal skills, and those you need in specific situations. All participants take the modules in Stage One, but you can choose the most relevant business situations for Stage Two.  If your situation changes within a year, you can just add the extra options as needed.  


  • Stage One - 7 Personal Communication Skills: to refresh your skills and tackle some problem areas: 

personal communication style, sharpening your listening skills, learning through questionning, what words reveal, writing that works, managing your voice, verbal & non-verbal communication


  • Stage Two - 7 Business Situations: choose from 2-7 options to work with your own material and improve your skills:

meetings, presenting, engaging, influencing, coaching, resolving, recruiting.


The course is aimed at people who want to advance their communication skills and create a positive & productive work atmosphere; and managers who need to communicate with an increasingly multi-national workforce.


As a follow-up after the course, you can organise ad hoc sessions to tackle specific issues and continue to build on your skills or to cover a particular situation, such as practice for an important presentation.


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